Our Services

We provide extremely well-known IT solutions as we prepare for your success. Tech Fanatic intends to provide affordable, cutting-edge technical solutions for every business operation in order to establish the foundation for an automated office.


Web Development

Our professional website developers and high-quality web development services are up to date on the newest trends and technologies.We create and adapt web solutions that effectively promote your company and compel your target audience to take action. By utilising the web's capabilities, we are able to cover a wide range of solutions and frameworks.

Mobile App Development

We work on various native & hybrid platforms for mobile application development, such as Android, iOS, Flutter & React Native.

Employee productivity, sales scheduling, data collecting, data validation, and sales personnel all benefit greatly from mobile apps. With the help of enterprise mobility solutions, you can access the office system even when you are not physically there. Currently, businesses are shifting from reactively mobilising functionality to proactively evaluating the need to mobilise enterprise applications. We provide cost-effective bundles of solutions for Android and iPhone platforms that ensure you can manage your business while on the move and away from the office. Technotechindia's mobile app developers collaborate to overcome any obstacles in the way of their ultimate objective of creating a profitable business.

SEO Optimisation

One of the most reputable SEO service companies in Surat, Gujarat, India, is Tech Fanatic.A approach to improve a website's visibility or ranking is search engine optimization (SEO).

We are experts at delivering highly targeted traffic to your website. The website is examined by Tech Fanatic to ascertain its potential market size, accessibility to the major search engines, and usability for the intended audience.To envision the best way to solve the issue, a variety of SEO techniques are applied. By achieving top ranks in organic search results and through paid marketing efforts, we will put your company in front of a broader audience.


Social Media Marketing

A visually appealing post or one successful contest is a fantastic start, but they are insufficient in the fiercely contested social media market. Every brand needs ongoing, creative social media campaigns. When CC works for your brand, we create creative campaigns that increase awareness of your company while generating more high-quality leads and escalating engagement.

Brand Strategy

The introduction of a completely fresh brand with all new and unusual elements is our final pillar of brand growth. New positioning, a new product offering, a new product offering, and a new logo. • To increase awareness You can attract attention by releasing new information. because attention is valuable and people are fickle.
• to increase client loyalty. How do you get customers to return on autopilot for more? by inspiring irrational loyalty. thus they have a good feeling about your brand.
• in order to widen penetration No matter how devoted your clients are, your clientele will diminish. People will pass away, grow bored, change their circumstances, or have their minds changed. By consistently gaining new clients, a strong, distinctive brand can help you capture more of the market you're in. As well as opening up new markets.

Product Strategy

One of the most crucial phases of growth is creating the ideal product for the market. Product marketing enables you to choose the ideal product and place it in the hands of the ideal customer, thus increasing sales and profits.

A deliberate method of promoting and selling a product to the consumer is called product marketing. Product marketing connects the two processes of product development and market penetration. Product-oriented marketing involves working with a number of teams, including those for the product, marketing, sales, and customer support, to improve the product and make sure it lives up to the expectations of the target market.